We also teach Grade 1-12 all subjects!

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Alhamdollilah, VIqra Educational and Welfare Services is a legitimate organization, operating from North America and serving all around the world.

VIqra and its staff members including the teachers are not affiliated with any political or religious organizations at all.

VIqra is dedicated to provide you its services without involving in any "firqa" or "maslak" issue and just to teach the Book of Allah to the Mankind.

Our Hadiya is based on affordability. We tried to make it as affordable as possible but if you still cannot afford our Hadiya, please let us know and we will try our best to meet your affordability. We DO NOT want to refuse anyone just because of money. If any institution like us, is offering you a hadiya which is less than us, we will match that amount InshaAllah.

If someone has any affordability issue, he can pay whatever he can afford till the time he is eligible to afford our regular hadiya amount. We DO NOT refuse our services to anyone just because of the money. That is the reason you will NOT see any discounts on our website because we DO NOT want to use any marketing techniques in these services.

Our selection process for staff (tutors especially), is very strict in which we check their background and continuously watch and monitor them just to make sure that our staff is only concentrating to provide you the services according to our standards and is NOT involving in any other personal matters with the student.  After all, we want you to get you the best learning experience InshaAllah.

If your class is missed from our side, we will arrange a makeup class for you according to your convenient time. If you are not able to take a makeup class, the amount of the missed class/classes will be deducted from your invoice. We just want you to pay for the services you have received from us.

In our organization, there is a whole team involved toward the progress of our student:

 _With the teacher, there is a evaluation Dept. whose responsibility is to conduct the student's test every month to evaluate the progress of the student as well as teacher.

 _With the teacher and evaluation Dept., there is our support which operates 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week and is responsible to keep the track of the student classes and the tests.

 _ With the teacher, evaluation Dept. and support Dept. there is our administration, whose responsibility is to keep the track of the performance of all these departments.

We assure and concentrate that all of our students are in good hands and receiving the best services possible.

After all, there is a significant difference between receiving a service from an individual and an instituition. 

We provides you a substitute teacher just in case if your tutor is not available at the class time making sure that the student won't loose his progress because of a missed class and also to give you a choice to compare your current teacher. Please try to to evaluate a substitute teacher once in a while.

If you are NOT happy with our tutor for any reason, we will keep providing you another teacher until and unless you are satisfied with our teacher. We want to do this just to make sure that the tutor, teaching you is NOT the only choice you have. As stated earlier, we want to provide you a teacher who is best according to your needs.

We operates 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week and therefore our support lines are always open to provide you the best services possible.